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Shamanic Apprenticeship Program

A Journey of Self Discovery and Healing Around the Medicine Wheel

This program is held in a cabin, in the beautiful woods of Colden, NY.

During this apprenticeship program:

  • You will connect and work with animal and spirit guides, learn ceremony, connect to nature spirits, trees, rocks and Mother Earth.
  • Find deep connection to your inner wisdom, heal ancestral lines and old wounds to reclaim your personal power, which will open you to all that is possible in your life.
  • Medicine Wheel – create your own personal medicine wheel with the 4 directions and center stone. The Medicine Wheel is used to gain wisdom and knowledge.
  • Mesa – a mesa or medicine bundle is used for for healing, ceremony, prayer and divination. The contents of a mesa are personal and sacred, they include stones, crystals and personal items.
  • We will drum and rattle, open and close sacred space.
  • This program will be enhanced with Sacred Fire and Water ceremonies to help release all that is holding you back
  • A Vision Quest
  • There is a commitment of approximately 18 months to 2 years. There are 13 classes, we will meet every 6 to 8 weeks on Saturdays starting at 3pm–11 pm and Sunday 8am to approximately 12:00pm. I strongly recommend spending the night in one of the beautiful rustic cabins on the property. This will enhance your experience surrounded by nature and all she has to offer.
  • Maximum is 8 students per group.
  • $145 per weekend session. Total cost of the program $1,885. Can be paid per session.
  • $100 deposit required at time of sign up. Accommodations included.
  • The first session will be held Saturday, March 16, 2019 through Sunday, March 17th. The remaining sessions will be determined by the group.

Additional class to be scheduled in the Spring/Summer 2019.

Shamanic Journeying for Healing

6 Class Course held in a beautiful meditative space in Cheektowaga and Hamburg

Do you feel trapped in old patterns? Do you feel you just can’t move forward in life? Are you stuck in a revolving door of thoughts and emotions unable to stop?

Believe it or not they are all trying to tell you something. In this 6 class course, you will stop and turn towards those parts of yourself you have denied or have pushed deep down into yourself. Acknowledging and embracing these parts can transform your life.

These classes will focus on our Shadow selves. Those parts of ourselves we have hidden and denied, but are actually still very much active.

Through Shamanic Journey work, meditative writing and drawing you will identify and accept those parts of yourself. You will work with The Medicine Wheel and The 13 Clan Mothers. Your spirit animals and guides will help you find the courage to embrace and reconnect to your authentic self, both dark and light to become whole.

New Classes start March 2019. Classes will be approximately 5-6 weeks apart.

The cost of each class is $65, and you must sign up for all 6. There is a $25 deposit required at the time of sign up. Class payment may be made at the time of each class, your deposit will be taken off the cost of your last class.

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