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Shamanic Training Program

The Two Year Apprenticeship Program includes:

  • Sacred Teachings of the Medicine Wheel – It is set up with the 4 directions and a centerstone – each direction has its gifts and lesson to help us.  They are made all over the world – ancient times to present – to help manifest your prayers
  • Meeting & Working with Animal Guides & Totems – they assist in your efforts.
  • Connecting with Nature Spirits – animals, trees, plants, stones, water all have energy and a spirit
  • Journeying for information – this technique of traveling is what makes Shaman work unique
  • Maintaining and/or Restoring Personal Power – tools are given to find your way back to who you were to be
  • Ceremonies – to honor an event by taking it out of ordinary life
  • Drumming, Rattling & Trance Dancing – to quiet the mind and let go of everyday problems
  • A Vision Quest

There is a commitment of 2 years, meeting every 2 months on Saturday 4-10 PM and the following Sunday morning 9-12 AM, for a total of 13 weekend sessions with each session building on the next. (It is recommended but not required to spend the night).  The cabins in Colden are rustic & you will be immersed in nature.  The 1st class (Sat & Sun) dates will be determined by the group.  There will be a maximum of 10 students for individual attention.
Cost:  $1,000 per year.


For any participant unable to be in the woods for whatever reason, an Intro Class and a 2 Year Program at Mystic Wolf in Williamsville will be offered.

For the ultimate Shaman experience, the class in the woods is highly recommended. However, the non-woods class offers many tools and experiences that will be of great value to you and enhance Spiritual Growth.

Class at Mystic Wolf Dates

The Intro all day Saturday Class is

July 11, 2015 from 10-5

The 2 year Program will be on Saturdays from 4-10 and Sundays 9-12

The Start Date will be in September to be determined by the class.



Take a journey into Shamanism.  Set in a cabin in the woods of Colden, this introductory workshop will allow you to discover if this path will
No obligation and a fun day in the woods including Fire Ceremony & pot luck Cost: $70.00 (Size Limited)

New classes start
Sept 19, 2015.


"Spend some weekends in the woods with the trees, creek and stones - learn from them what books can not teach. Take a journey to meet your spirit guides and animal totem. Learn the age old wisdom of listening and healing with the Medicine Wheel. Shaman Fran Weir teaches and guides with patience and understanding the ways of the Shaman - and the ways into heart and soul. This is a gift you give to self and the world."

~ M.E.